Maximize Social Security Retirement Benefits

Detillier Financial Advisors offers seminars throughout the year, to help you maximize your Social Security Retirement Benefits.

Many school board employees feel they cannot ever collect any Social Security retirement benefits because they participate in a state retirement plan.  This belief is simply NOT true.  After much research into the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO), we have discovered ways that families can apply for benefits that greatly increase the chance of school board employees actually being able to collect Social Security Retirement income.  As a result, Detillier Financial Advisors have designed a 90-minute educational seminar focused on the many options a married, divorced or widowed person would have. 

If you are married, you and your spouse have over 1,000 different options on how and when to claim your Social Security retirement benefits.  Knowing these options and selecting a good election may be the biggest financial decision you make in your retirement.  Often, the difference between the best election and claiming your benefits at age 62 can be well over $100,000 in family retirement benefits. 

Our seminar "Maximize Social Security Retirement Benefits for Married Couples" will cover the following discussion points:

  • Basic Information - Overview of what Social Security is and how it works
  • Stability of Social Security - Dispelling the myth that Social Security will run out of money and benefits will disappear
  • Basic Election Options - Individual, spousal and survivor election options and WEP and GPO rules
  • Switch Strategies - Little known strategies utilized to maximize benefits
  • When to File - Recommendations on when to employ Switch Strategies
  • Case Studies - Real Life Examples
  • Tax Planning - Explaining the tax favored treatment of Social Security Retirement Benefits
  • Helpful Resources - A list of numerous educational resources

These seminars are offered free of charge throughout the year, and are not just for school board employees.  Everyone can benefit from attending one of these seminars if you are approaching age 60.  Contact the office today for dates and times.